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genital warts

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    So I have been with my boyfriend for years, we split up temporarily and during that time i slept with someone with a condom. Now i have genital warts 4 months later?

    Whats weirder is that after 3/4 days of treatment, they disaspeared as if they were never there. I understand that I will always have the virus and they may reappear however I have never heard of them disaspearing so fast?

    I have now noticed that I have been getting "smegma" (google it if it is unfamiliar) and even though its easy to wash away in the shower, its still annoying. Does anyone know if this is related?

    I have also been getting cracked corners of the mouth. I have had this one for 3 weeks now and the scabs are a yellow colour, i have googled coldsores as i have never had one before and it looks nothing like the pictures, but my mum who gets them all the time says that it is one. I cant be sure until i go to the doctor but i was wondering if there is a link?

    Whatever you do, warts get better / get worse / stay the same. How quickly they've gone is good and hopefully they won't return.

    Your body may well get rid of the virus by itself within the next couple of years.

    Don't know - did you talk to the doctor about this?

    It's sounds like a cold sore to me. Most people get them at some point in their lives - if your mum has them frequently, it's slightly surprising you haven't had one before. They're caused by a different virus.

    Cracked sores in the corner of the mouth are not usually coldsores. Its often something called Angular Cheilitis. There are a wide range of causes such as stress and vitamin deficiency so probably nothing to worry about. But see GP if you are concerned.
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Updated: May 7, 2016
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