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Dundee 2016 - Med Student - Accommodation

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    So i've firmed dundee for medicine and I was just wondering what people recommend for accommodation at dundee. I'm moving up from Glasgow and I'll end up driving too. Belmont flats are located on campus and Seabraes sounds like a good shout. I've got a couple of friends that are willing to hall with me so can anyone thats already at dundee tell me the pros and cons of both places? Plus is there much difference between standard and premium flats? And if anyones gonna be studying med at dundee gimme a shout or something aha

    I'm moving from Glasgow too! To do Accountancy.

    I'm confused as to what to do for accommodation, have you got an offer for accommodation from the uni?

    I live in Seabraes and I've not enjoyed it. Noise everywhere. Pro: less noisy than on campus. Con: brick walls, crappy shower curtain, you can hear everything in your flat.

    On campus it's a lot worse for noise though so unless you're a heavy sleeper, get used to noise! Pro: on campus, near the gym and union, doors for the shower, nicer rooms and kitchen. Cons: noise, expensive.

    If you're a med student, why not West Park? It's closer to Ninewells.

    The difference between the premium and standard rooms is 2 square meters, not enough to warrant the extra money i feel, I've put Belmont flats as my number once choice because it's on campus and right next to the union and the gym, which is really nice. When i visited for an open day, i was impressed with the Belmont Flats, all en-suite and self catered is much better than others ive seen.
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Updated: May 3, 2016
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