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Would you feel safer being treated by a white doctor?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by Multiculturalism)
    I got Left Libertarian, interesting quiz

    couldn't care less as long as they know what they're doing and aren't creepy, I hate creepy doctors

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    That's my point, though it has nothing to do with prejudice. They get the same qualifications but are hired instead of white people based on skin colour. Even if they get slightly lower qualifications they still get hired in preference over white people due to quota filling. If my life's on the line I want the best doctor I can get, not a quota-filler.

    Stop trying to defame people by coming up with silly excuses to label them as racists. It's counterproductive, immature and quite frankly, pathetic.
    The NHS is short-staffed as it is, nearly all Medical graduates get jobs, White or not. Stop making unsupported claims.

    (Original post by Kiniun)
    Tbh, I'd feel more comfortable around a doctor that looked like me or had similar features relatable to me e.g. Ethnic backgorund/Fairly young/Female etc
    In general, I think people feel more at ease when they are around people that look like them
    I don't know what you're talking about because I NEVER think about the race of a professional who is helping me. Clearly not all people are like you and others on this thread.

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    Exactly! You feel more comfortable around those with similar traits to yourself, it's just how we are.

    It's well known that diversity quotas have made it easier for minorities to get jobs than white people. There's less whites going into medicine, but none the less it's a terrifying thought that the guy, who's hands you've put your life in, possibly got the job because of his ethnicity instead of his skills. It's hard for me not to get suspicious when such a stupid policy exists.

    It's nothing to do with skin colour, it's just that the probability of being seen by a doctor who got the job only to meet a quota is higher with non-whites. I like to know that I'm going to survive operations and things, you know.
    Yea I get having preferences but at the end of the day we can't keep choosing as there's not enough ppl to go around to suit all our needs. I do wanna be there for the front row seat if someone refuses to get a certain dr though. I've literally never seen that before.

    (Original post by WBZ144)
    The NHS is short-staffed as it is, nearly all Medical graduates get jobs, White or not. Stop making unsupported claims.
    I was extrapolating based on how it is in all other industries. It's good to know that the NHS isn't affected by it though.

    To be perfectly honest I'm sure there'd be some leve of unconcious bias towards people who look familiar or have simmilar characteristics to people I know. For me most people I know are white. Other factors like sex and age are a far bigger influence, but i'm sure race comes into it a little bit. I'm aware of prefering female doctors and there is one doctor I know who reminds me of my aunt so makes me feel a bit more comfortable. My aunt is white and and if the doctor wasn't she probably wouldn't remind me of my aunt so I guess in some way that means I am bias towards he because she is white, but only because of it's other implications.

    Once you've dealt with a doctor a few times though that unconcious bias isn't so relevant cos you're judging them from your experiences with them. So many doctors I felt less comfortable with turned out to be ones I seek out for appointments now.

    On a logical level I don't give a damn about what my doctor looks like as long as they know what they're doing and have good bedside manner. They could have a tail and horns for all I care. On a level of subconcious comfort though since I and most of the people I know are white there is probably some ammount of preference to white doctors.
    Given a choice between a white male and a black female though I expect I would feel more comfortable with the female.
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Updated: May 5, 2016
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