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Apple or android?

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    I use both, each have their pro's and con's.

    Apple (Devices: Late 2013 MBP15, iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro, iPhone 6S Plus) -

    Native Continuity is brilliant (can be done with android, but its incredibly unstable) with the macbook, especially when I'm working. Processes are more easily managed, when you turn it off, it turns off. Battery life on iDevices is excellent. Price is high, but then the products are usually well refined.

    From a work perspective, as developing for, Apple is beyond being a monumental pain in the backside regardless of whether Native or Web App.

    Android (Devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5, One Plus One, One Plus Two, Xiaomi Mi5 Pro, Nexus 7 2012, Pixel C, Asus Transformer) -

    Plenty of variety, so able to fit to each particular users requirements easily, cheap, reasonably reliable. Battery life is dependent on device, but generally the more powerful devices are either a trade off between style and function, with function being the loser. Note 3, Nexus 5 and 1+1 battery life is appalling under heavy use. App quality outside of powerhouse companies is usually far, far lower.

    From a work perspective, as developing for, Android is all over the place with so many devices and OS version's, one thing google need to reassess is whether they move for unified OS (currently in discussion I believe) as leaving the onus to manufacturers currently means Android is too inconsistent to bother with Native Applications, instead Cordova/PhoneGap or Web App is preferable.

    (Original post by Mooz Shehri)
    and has a better security system than Android.
    Security is a myth.

    Apple. Most of my friends who have androids hate their phones. I also think apple products look nicer and don't really lag compared to android.

    (Original post by NeverGrowUp)
    Apple. Most of my friends who have androids hate their phones. I also think apple products look nicer and don't really lag compared to android.
    I'd expect those that hate their androids probably don't have the new tier of android phones. Samsung s6/s7, LG G4, Sony _. If they do they merely don't understand/comprehend the customisability options, and the many benefits they bring with them.

    Android phones lag just as much as iPhones, make of that what you will - and funnily enough a number of Android phones have superior specs to iPhones.


    (Original post by Mooz Shehri)
    it runs smoothly and has a better security system than Android.
    Not strictly true.
    iPhones are and have been vulnerable in the past.
    Admittedly Apple succeed at vetting their app market a lot better, but the point remains.

    I'm all for Apple because being a Cyber Security Student theres so many ways for the even a non IT person to hack into them. I've also managed to break into Android phones for friends since they have forgotten their passwords lol.

    Yes I know FBI recently managed to hack into an Apple phone etc, but I just feel so much secure with my email, social media accounts with an Apple Device. Also people talking about price? You can easily pick up a second hand one in mint condition for the price of an android. (Picked up my mint condition iPhone 6 128gb for less than £300 back on November!) i admit but brand new ones are expensive lol. Also I never jailbreak my Apple devices as it destroys Apples security totally.

    However I will say that I do like android (Nexus phones) for linux and as a hacking tool (Kali Nethunter) and also rooted androids are great fun but again security is an issue when rooting which is why I dont use my android for personal use and just as a experimental phone.

    This is my person view of this topic but if you prefer Android then fair enough. Theres different things that people like and dislike.

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    Android by far. The premium Apple charges for their devices isn't worth it for me.

    Any high end Android device can compete with a similar grade iPhone. Differing results range from subjective to downright unnoticeable. I hear people say things like iOS being smoother (I've really never noticed smoothness issues with any high end Android) or the iPhone takes better photos (photos on anything with a decent camera look fine, if you're doing professional photography use a professional camera).

    On the whole Apple is better for people who just don't care and want a phone that works while Android is better for people who want options and like to play with things. I simply could not deal with Apple telling me how I'm supposed to use my phone. Simple things like lack of widgets fixed launchers turn me off Apple instantly. I'd much rather have the chance to custom my phone down to every minute detail.

    So for me Android wins out every time. Unless it's with tablets. Android tablets are in my experience terrible. Windows does it better here.

    Obligatory mention to how Android runs on a hell of a lot more than phones. Comparing to Apple to Android is like comparing BMW to a V8 engine. At least compare iOS to Android. Or iOS phones to Android phones.

    For me, I prefer Android. I am quite a power user so Android suits my needs far better with what I do (File manager, customisation, ability to install apps from external sources etc.).

    This also means I can go with a brand of my choice, and my favourite brand is LG as their products have been high quality and great for me, I am quite happy with my LG G4 (running Android 6.0).

    In the end, it goes down to personal preference and what you want from a phone or tablet.

    Android for phones, iOS for tablets.

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Updated: May 16, 2016
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