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Commitment and Other Issues

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    Hey there,

    Wondering if I could get a little advice on my situation.
    So, first off a bit of history. I'm a guy, relatively attractive despite having terrible skin and looking way younger than my actual age of 19, social and outgoing fellow, living somewhere at random in Europe.
    I've dated my fair share of girls, but some friends have told me I have incredible commitment issues to anything I do, even love. So it's probably true.

    Longest relationship I had was for 3 months and it was long distance. But when it comes to dating close by, for some reason, I back out once things get intimate with the "girl of the month" (which sounds horrible!). It's also the reason why I'm still a virgin, but that's something entirely different.
    Now, i was dating someone for a while, things were getting interested and i was genuinely attracted to her. But then I met someone new abroad, who, coincidentally will study at the same university in England as me. (I'll be moving)
    We started talking and chatting quite often, playing video games etc. And for some reason I have extremely strong feelings for her now. For some reason I'm expecting us to become a thing once I start my course next year. So I lost all interest in the girl I was close with in my own country, AGAIN.

    It's pretty terrible, I don't know why this keeps happening to me. Because, hell, the girl in England might not like me ( she knows I have feelings for her already, but just like me, she doesn't want anything long distance) and maybe she's not "the one" I think she is, just like all the previous attempts. Maybe I'll back out again once it starts becoming intimate.
    But, I really feel like going for it this time, it motivates me even more to come to her country and live there alone. Or hopefully, with her.

    In the end, I'm just wondering if anyone is able to give me some advice on committing when it comes to relationships, is it normal I do this? Is it normal to be scared of committing? But more importantly, I'm wondering what I could or should do to try and get us dating as soon as possible once we meet again, because she knows my feelings, it will be very hard to approach her on this.. again. (And I'm not accustomed to British life yet!)

    Thanks! I'd talk to my real life friends about it, but I'm actually quite ashamed of the topic. But it feels good to write about it to total strangers, that might even be able to help me better than my friends!

    It might just be a case of not having met the right girl yet. If you find someone that you have a spark with then you might find that you stay interested for longer. Is there anything that you are particularly worried about when it come to being a relationship with someone.

    If you like this girl then there is no reason that you can't wait until you are closer together and then see what happens there is no rush!
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Updated: May 4, 2016
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