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Flying Etihad to the Philippines with a severe nut allergy.

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    I've currently got a ticket booked for a two week trip to the Philippines with Eithad Airways. I plan to travel around for that period and stay in hostels etc on a budget. I also have a severe nut allergy. I've only ever had two allergic reactions and only one has been serious and happened when I was only a baby. It involved me actually eating a peanut and having to go to hospital. I'm just worried that after reviewing Etihads policy on flying with a nut allergy, that states they cannot guarantee a nut free environment, whether I should risk flying with them or not. I understand their policy and have flown many times before, but the longest flight I have ever done previously was four hours long. After ringing the airline and speaking to them they said they could not guarantee that nuts/mixed nuts would not be served as a complimentary snack to their first class passengers but may be able to refrain from serving them in economy class, where I'm seated. They also indicated that they would not make an announcement on the flight with regards to my allergy, asking other passengers to refrain from eating nuts onboard. This has made me worry that on the flight previous, nuts would have been served in the economy area and their residues will be all over the plane and, if served during the flight would result in the aroma and potentially dust accumulating in the aircraft. I just want to know if anybody has flown with Etihad with a peanut/tree nut allergy (that can induce anaphylaxis) and what they did to make their journey safer and whether or not I should still fly with them or not risk the chances of me going into anaphylactic shock 35,000 feet in the air. Also beginning to think that maybe going to the philippines with my allergy probably isn't the best idea with my allergy as it is. If I did decide to cancel my flight is there anything I could do to get a full refund or not.
    Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

    The Etihad policy sounds similar to what I've experienced with other airlines. Do you have the appropriate medical equipment in case of a problem (an epipen?)? I think you're bigger problem is eating safely in the Philippines. I've never been there before but can imagine it isn't very different from other east Asian countries where you don't always know exactly what's in your food.
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