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At what age did you realise kindness is more important than intelligence?

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    (Original post by RainPoncho)
    And how? Or maybe you've always lived by this? Maybe you disagree and think both are equally important? Or do you think intelligence is a greater virtue than kindness?

    I'm just interested in people's thoughts. The title is a bit vague I guess, make of it what you will
    The world needs kind intelligent people. Both are important.
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    (Original post by M14B)
    It's coming.
    Are you watching the football btw?
    No... why, what's happening in the world of football? :O

    Also very interesting replies here, I generally agree however it's a bit too far saying intelligence is ALWAYS a virtue, even without kindness. Some of the most horrific events in history have happened because of intelligence coupled with a lack of humanity.

    My main point was that after talking to university friends I've realised a lot of people (especially academically minded people) hit some point in their careers/education where they care less about being (or some cases seeming) intelligent and more about being a kinder and more emotionally intelligent person.

    I know this question isn't exactly the same but I was just curious as to what people this site thought

    (Original post by W85Y4H3NJ2254)
    damn right bro

    Kindness only works if everyone is playing the same game.

    Some people like to cheat.
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