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How to join a group of friends?

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    Hi,I'm doing my second semester of my first year of the bachelor. I'm quite shy and introvert and I find it hard to start conversating with strangers. That prevents me to make new friends. I saw most people already have made a circle of friends and go out together. I am starting to feel lonely ,a bit depressed and demotivated.Looking sad in public doesn't attract people which creates somekind of vicious cycle which i would like to get out. Spending most of the time at home on my computer makes me feel i'm wasting my university life.I have already joined a soccer club like i had been suggested to do but the people in my team study other courses and we don't hang out together

    Don't waste your experience, it costs way too much for you to pass it by lightly, what you need to do is try connecting, talk to people on your course, in the soccer team, in your accommodation, maybe join another club or society and then you network, friends meet through other friends but you need to give yourself a decent start to do so, you may take friends with a group and then be part of another group a couple of months later.
    Best cure is to go out as well, a lot of year 1s go out at least on a weekly and when you're drunk socialising with anyone is easy (I'd know because I'm shy too)
    Hope you find a decent set of friends soon and don't feel alone. There must be about 30,000 students at your uni, there's gonna be other people in your situation and definitely people who would love to be your friend
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Updated: May 11, 2016
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