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Am I 100% ****ed? Help!!! Med school MMI went kinda badly......

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    Hi guys, I had my MMI for a medical school just recently (not in UK, mind you) and I feel like I royally ****ed it up.

    There are 15 stations, of which 5 have prompts designed for the next station. While I feel like I did okay, there are some things I said that I think had screwed everything over.

    1) For an ethical issue regarding AIDS and HIV, I answered by saying that I wouldn't tell the wife about her husband's HIV condition (however I said that I would make sure husband takes treatment and uses necessary protection) however when I stepped out I realized that most of my arguments lean in favor of telling the wife (I'm sure you guys will unanimously agree about what decision to make in this case);

    2) When asked what I would do when I get rejected, I said," Apply for course YYY." However, upon serious reflection and after shadowing that I did after my MMI, I realized I want nothing but medicine;

    3) When asked to reflect on my volunteering, I told them about how an (initially) non-compliant girl in one of the child disability centers HUGGED me after I calmed her down and talked her through the situation. Sounds.....ergh.....bet you guys are cringing at this!!!!

    4) In one of the speech stations, I was overly nervous, stuttered, and the interviewer had to tell me to calm down. I did the speech in 2 minutes out of 5 minutes and spent the entire time sitting there in awkward silence.....

    For other stations, I think I did okay. Was pretty confident and loud-voiced generally (except for the speech station).

    The school isn't that competitive. 40 applicants are interviewed for a maximum of 30 slots. Also, my A level grades are higher than the average applicant and way exceeds the school's requirements, so do you think they may take this into account?

    Did I basically screw up the whole interview? This is my only chance as I got interviewed at only one school!

    Thanks for your help guys! I have until June to wait, so might appreciate some honest feedback. Feedback so far isn't helpful, all I get are 'your grades are good, you will get in!' Which isn't helpful at all and sounds kinda fake......

    You will always remember and agonise over the things you screwed up, and completely forget the things you did well.

    You talked about 4 stations, (which you think you could have done better on but at the same time don't sound all that terrible) - and therefore that means that there were a further 11 stations that went ok.
    I don't think any of us can really give you an answer, as we don't know the school / country and what they place importance / weighting on in the application / interview - and even if we did know, we weren't there, so we can't be objective about how you did. My general advice would be that things don't sound as terrible as you think, and it certainly doesn't sound as though you screwed up the whole thing. Try to put it behind you for now and move on, and wait till June.

    1) If you definitiely said you will NOT tell the wife (confidentialiality and all- don't think theres ANY country where there aren't confidentiality laws!), doesn't matter if your arguments were leaning towards telling the wife. My answer would be along the line of NOT telling the wife, but attemping to persuade the husband to come in together with wife to discuss, while also telling him all the details/risks etc about HIV and treatments.

    2) doesn't matter if you said you'd do another course, they're not going to penalise you for being realistic provided you demonstrated that you still do have enough passion to study medicine. What they want to see is that you have thought about your future and have researched what you want to do properly, since its not appropriate for someone to keep applying for med school the rest of their lives!

    3) The story isn't cringy depending on how you told the story. Provided you explained the situation, what you did (and therefore demonstrated x y z skills) and what you took from the experience, its fine. Altough personally, I think you should have prepared several scenarios which you could have talked about beforehand which covered a wide range of skills/competencies (which the question asked wasn't worded as a competency based question, you can still talk about the situation, demonstating key skills doctors require, and then wrap it up saying that reflecting on your volunteer work, you can see that you've had to develop your communication empathy blaa blaa blaa whatever skills you mentioned in your answer, and say how valuble you found the experience becuase it has given you an insight into pressures and situations you could face as a doctor.

    In my interview, I was asked how I deal with stress. rather than going to talk about hobbies etc (which I knew the medical student would ask me about later- since its alwyas what htey ask!) I told a story where I was helping a patient (I was a HCA at the time) get ready wihile a nurse was going through some pre-op questions. We were working at the same time since the surgeon decided to change the order list at the last minute, making us rush. However the patient started getting flustered and stressed, so I stepped back, and let the nurse go though her bit and went to explain and deal with the impatient surgeon the situation and that we would take x about of time and we couldn't rush- at which point, one of the members of the panel made a coment "Yea, surgeons can be selfish", in which I agreed while explaining that it was stressful it was confronting and saying no to the surgeons demands and ensuring the patient was comfortable with everything that was happening. (In the actual situation I was *****ing myself scared lol, but knew we couldn't go faster no matter what, and took everything I had to not shout at the surgeon, seeing as it was his fault so he should STFU . But that would have been unprofessional, and i probably wouldn't have had the confidence for that )
    This was before finding out a few questions down, that he was a surgeon too! At the time I thought I completely ruined my chances! But turns out, I must have made a good impression, since I not only got an offer, they reccommended me for a scholarship based on my performance!!

    4) Interviewers understand that you'll be nervous. It's a little disconcerting that you didn't even use half the allotted time though... This does mean that either your speech (whatever it was on) was either not organised well, or that you didn't say enough... But don't worry, you get a score in each section, provided you did well in the others, it should be fine if you mess up one station. from the above examples you provided (which I assume are your absolute worst) doesn't sound like you did terrible- assuming of course you did explain yourself properly.

    So take home message... Don't sweat it, what happens happens, and you, as the interviewee will always think it went worse than it really did. At least you didn't burst out crying...
    I was on a panel (my university includes a medical student in the panel too), and I asked what contributions she would make to the university, one interviewee mentioned that she enjoyed xyz hobbies, but has given them up to concentrate on exams. So I (rightly in my opinion) asked that if she was stuggling now, how she would handle the pressures and work load of med school if she was struggling to balance her A Level workload along with her hobbies.
    Unfortunately she started crying, and while I did feel bad for herand did try my best to comfort her, in the end everyone on the panel agreed that she wasn't suitable or just asn't ready yet for medical as it was clear she couldn't handle pressure... While it was a difficult question, we all throught that, provided she hadn't broken down, and had maybe said something along the lines of her not stuggling with the workload, however meant that she only temporarily suspended her hobbies just prior to the exams themselves (who doesn't cram?!), she would have been offered a place,since her other answer weren't bad.
    In panels you get one shot, at least with your MMI, you mess up one, its not the end of the world!
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    Thanks a lot!! It does provide me some reassurance as I thought those 4 points were ultimate deal breakers in terms of what they are (like: you have the audacity to do/say this?? How dare you?? REJECT!!!!!!) in the interviewers' minds hahaha.

    And for the volunteer thing, yes, I did say that I gained valuable experience in empathy and com. skills important for a doctor blah blah.......but I can't believe I said the word 'hugged'! Sounds so unprofessional and cringe-y.......

    For the husband/AIDS, I said pretty much what you stated......but most of my friends said that they would tell the wife no matter what.....it's worrying hahaha :P

    And all the others were pretty much accurate in their descriptions...

    Just thought I would add, for interest sake, that whilst confidentiality is important, it is neither absolute nor privileged in court. Therefore it can be breached if the healthcare worker believes disclosure is necessary for the protection of public interest (e.g. if someone is knowingly putting somebody else at risk, especially if the person at risk is also one of your patients).
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    (Original post by spacepirate-James)
    Just thought I would add, for interest sake, that whilst confidentiality is important, it is neither absolute nor privileged in court. Therefore it can be breached if the healthcare worker believes disclosure is necessary for the protection of public interest (e.g. if someone is knowingly putting somebody else at risk, especially if the person at risk is also one of your patients).
    My drift exactly. However, I only realised that after the MMI. One of the reasons why I feel like I screwed up the whole thing...
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