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Is it bad of my teacher to do this?

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    Last Christmas I told my Drama teacher that I had to go to my piano lesson and he just replied with "why's it always in my lesson?" etc. None of my other teachers have a problem with this when I say that I have to go. I then managed after Christmas to change my piano lesson time so that I wasn't missing his lessons. Then today I had to have my piano lesson moved to his lesson and I told him that I had to go and he just went "I'm not really okay with this, we've talked about it before. Can't you change the time?" As if he'd forgotten that I hadn't been leaving his lessons for 5 months. When I got home I was just really upset. I'm excelling in Drama and I'm an A student and he knows it but he's acting like I'm not sometimes. None of my other teachers have a problem with this and my parents pay expensive money. He's so scary when he tells me off for going as well. Is it bad of him to do this?
    I've also been missing Maths as well which is more important than Drama and he's acting like his subject is the best etc.

    Lol drama

    You could say he's being a bit......... dramatic

    seems like a lot of drama.... sorry i had to

    If I was you I wouldn't worry about it. In fact when teachers get aggravated when students miss their lesson it's mostly because they don't want you missing out on anything regardless if you're excelling or not. And if you're excelling it just shows he doesn't want you falling behind or the piano lessons causing you to do worse. But he may be getting aggravated simply because you're leaving his lesson to do something that isn't compulsory/ isn't related to school.
    If it really affects you I would suggest moving lessons to after school. Just makes the situation much easier and plus you won't be missing any maths and nor will your grumpy drama teacher get angry. All the best of luck!

    You could always mention it to whoever organises the music lessons. Teachers do this sometimes as it is difficult to have you leaving constantly from their lesson, but you're absolutely right that out of all the subjects taught drama is one of the ones it matters least to miss. You certainly shouldn't be missing maths instead.

    I wouldnt be missing maths.
    First get your piano lessons as said to a time when they dont clash. Everyone is happy.
    It would be situations like that where he shows ignorance that would push me towards dropping his subject. Unless you really wnat to do soemthing with drama, then it doesnt matter. No point being upset. You might be being a little oversensitive, but he doesnt have a right to upset you. Maybe get your form or year master to have a word with him.

    It's not bad, but it is frustrating. See it from his point of view.
    You're an A grade student and you're missing time out from his lesson. His lesson that he planned for you to attend to teach you new things. By you not attending you miss out on possibly important things, and now he has to help you catch up.

    He's acting like his subject is the best, because to him, it is - Why else would he choose to teach drama? It's his passion and he wants you to achieve.

    Extra-curricular is always beneficial, so remind him of that and suggest that you will catch up on work after school?
    Perhaps get a note from your piano teacher that says there are no alternative times, or ask your piano teacher to email your drama teacher to come to an agreement.
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Updated: May 5, 2016
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