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Don't feel it's the same situation.

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    Basically my friend said that I don't want to listen to her. She's right. Basically, the reason why I don't is because she keeps talking about fun all the time.

    Its the fact that she wants: COMMITMENT.

    She excepts, flowers, take her out, didn't like that they don't want to be seen with her in public. I say they're not obliged to be seen with you in public and she gets offended. Also she keeps getting offended when she hears they're ******* other girls / or surprised to hear they've had girlfriend all along / liked her friend (s) (& using her to get closer to them by having fun w/her.)
    I've told her to not see any guys just have 'fun', go on dates, kiss guys at nightclubs, causal flirting NO BASES etc then go uni study hard but when you want to settle down, find a boy U like and then go out with (RELATIONSHIP)

    DON'T have fun (NSA ) do not go into a fun relationship and except commitment and she's all like what? But how can you expect him not to treat me right, should take me out, etc and Well you're the one telling me to have fun. And gets really offended when I tell her this.

    She said that I told her ' sorry but I don't a want to hear this anymore ' on Skype. I can't lie I DON'T REMEMBER. But I think i've said it through my tone or my body language. Anyway she said that I spoke about my ( now an ex) boyfriend for months which is true. But when it comes to her i don't want to listen. I don't want to listen because its about fun BUt YET WANTING COMMITMENT 24/7all the time. I don't see me talking about a abusive boyfriend and wanting fun but yet staying committed is the same situation/ basically as the same thing. Opinions?

    p.S It's not the fun that's pissing me off. I have friend who doesn't go a month without having a boyfriend & breaks up ev 6 months, who post nudes to random boys on Skype, twitter, etc. I actually liked hearing her stories if fun. They were entertaining. I lived for them tbh, it was always a wild story. It's just recently ( it was always when I think about but now it's become intense, repeatative and it's been about two year) and she wants commitment, flowers, dates, public affection , not ****ing any other girls, etc. It's not the fun I can't stand.

    It's the commitment.

    Sorry, but what is the point of this post?

    Your friends don't give a crap about your opinion. You're better off keeping it to yourself and focusing on your own life instead of being obsessed with theirs and writing peculiar rants like this on the student room.
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Updated: May 5, 2016
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