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    (Original post by hannahrobinsxn)
    Both W.H.Auden's 'Funeral Blues' and Christina Rossetti's 'Remember' explore the intense emotions of grief and loss; feelings experienced by a loved one’s passing. 'Remember' refers to love's selfishness and the idea of death, demonstrating the voice's need in being remembered after her demise. Rossetti includes the imperative verb 'remember' within the title, further repeating it through the poem's duration. Explicitly, this iteration may come across as demanding – however implicitly, appears to refer to the voice’s fear of being forgotten and perhaps her desperation in being remembered. In addition, the voice anticipates the idea of death as being a 'silent land.' With the euphemistic phrase 'silent' seeming to connote the character's loneliness without her beloved, the vast boundary between life and death is underlined. Through the poem's combination of the voice's demands with an indirect idea of the place in which death is, a sense of pleading in the struggle to accept death is created. The voice calls upon her lover to keep her memory alive, in spite of impending passing, wanting to metaphorically live on after she has gone into the 'silent land
    No it doesn't. It's quick, sharp and concise. If your whole essay is is as good as this paragraph, you are sure to get very high marks.
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    (Original post by The Empire Odyssey)
    No it doesn't. It's quick, sharp and concise. If your whole essay is is as good as this paragraph, you are sure to get very high marks.
    thank-you very much - i really appreciate your feedback X

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