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    Anybody heard of the game e-sim before? Its a fun and very addicting game. Its an online browser mmo similar to e-republik but WAY more less p2w. You get to be a citizen of over a possible 50 countries. There is politics were you can be a congressman or run for president. You can become a business person and run your own company. The business model of this game is very advanced and competitive but very easy to pick up. Lastly, you can fight in wars for your country or you could do all of the 3!
    You could also become a ceo of a stock company and sell shares as well as buy them. Simply said, it is a very fun game.

    I think the best aspect of this game is the social aspect, you meet many new friends (and enemies) over the chat (irc) where you joke, laugh, coordinate and plan and get into the ugly maths sides of economics and strategy.

    One of my most memorable moments is when my country (Canada) was attacked by a superpower in the game (Lithuania). Me and other citizens were on irc coordinating battle tactics and trying to hire mercenaries and handing out supplies. Although we lost the battle by one round, it was still a very intense and epic and probably one of my most memerable gaming moments.

    If your a player in the game, send me a pm so we can become friends. If your new and want to play, join the Suna server where I'm at(its also the biggest server). Also pick Canada! We are litterly a superpower now but we could use more citizens. There are lots of excperianced and friendly players that would be happy to lend you a helping hand. Once your in, pm me (my username is 19elfblue) and I will send you supplies to help you start out.

    I'm not trying to advertise this game, really not. Im just trying to share one of my most favourite games.


    If you want to hear more in game moments just reply!

    I've been playing erepublik for years and couldn't bring myself to log into e-sim for more than one day, just 'cause the UI was horrible.
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    I you mean the old ui, yes it was horrible. The new one is much better though.
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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