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How can I set this play? (staging ideas)

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    I'd love it if you can help me think of unique/interesting ideas to set a play I'm reading - because I've got an essay to write about the set and I haven't got much cool ideas.

    - The show is a absurd theatre production called 'Y Ffin'
    - Two men: old priest, young unemployed man
    - Live a shepherd's hut
    - Younger one isn't happy that they've moved in a small place in the middle of nowhere at the mountains
    - Woman comes falling through the door (a climber?) her name throughout the play is 'visitor'
    - She had an accident, they look after her and she realises she's gone blind.
    - They go out of their way for a couple of weeks to help her
    - She soon tells bosses them around (how to decorate, what food to buy her etc.)
    - The two men compete for her affection (arguing just to spend some time alone with her)
    - She flirts with them individually, and leads them on.
    - The men make a border in the middle of their place to not see each other.
    - The woman pretends she's going to run away with the men individually
    - Lied and leaves (possibly taking their money, having not been blind all along).

    Some people do it normal, a messy hut that changes by the middle of the play to a tidy one after time, other have done things like mental hospitals. Any ideas? I definitely want it to be a Traverse stage. I'd love it if you could help me out.
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    I was thinking like a hospital or a children's playroom - maybe to represent their immaturity and their bickering throughout the play, and it can represent different props they use (the toy table can represent a kitchen table: almost as if they're playing a game as kids pretending to be adults) but does that sound silly?
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Updated: May 5, 2016
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