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Finally going to the doctor for my depression..

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    For around 3/4 years i've been suffering with quite severe depression and for a couple years I also suffered from self-harm (which isn't as bad anymore). My family were aware that I was depressed and self-harming but unfortunately don't believe in going to the doctors for that sort of thing, with exams coming up i've started to really struggle with it and it's stopping me from working and I cant concentrate. So i have decided to take things into my own hands and go to my doctor without my family knowing..
    I'm quite nervous as i've never been on my own to the doctor and especially for this sort of thing, is there anything I need to say or does anyone have any advice?

    Many Thanks

    Hello Anon

    I went 2 weeks ago tomorrow after I had a mini break down. Essentially it's a.. what can I do for you... Just say it's your mental health- depression and explain how it's affecting you a lot now, coming up to exams it's got worth and you need help before it gets any worse. They'll ask you some questions and have a chat. Be honest with them. They can then refer you onward for therapy and/or give you meds... though I don't recommend meds if you are going to start exams shortly since they affect you for the first week or 2. See what works for you.

    be as honest as you can - prepare for the horrible side effects of sertraline..

    Perhaps write down all your symptoms beforehand (bullet points will do) then when you talk to the doctor you won't forget anything - in fact you can just hand him the list if you feel too nervous to speak. Doctors are used to people clamming up, especially with MH related inquiries, and won't mind. Good luck

    Going to someone for help is probably the first step to getting better, so well done for being proactive and good luck.

    Depression can very much be a medical issue so perhaps your family only think of it as "feeling a bit sad", which is a pretty big misunderstanding of the impact that depression can have.

    My advice to you would be to just try and explain everything to your doctor. They need as much context as possible to determine whether your depression could be fundamentally caused by a chemical imbalance that has just occurred on its lonesome, or if its a situation or something external that could be bringing this about.

    Also, see if you can be referred for counseling in addition to whatever treatment you receive, mainly because I find that talking to someone whose job is to basically listen to people's life problems (not solely medical issues) and provide an alternative perspective on them can be a bit more cathartic.

    You could always PM me if you just want to vent too. I'm an okay listener

    be open and be honest. tell them everything you need to. dont sugarcoat it, but dont over exaggerate either.
    make sure you mention your self harm. in my experience (and the experience of my friends) action is more likely to be taken if youre hurting yourself.
    if the doctor feels there is a problem, you will likely to be referred elsewhere (camhs if youre a minor, adult services if youre not) or be prescribed antideps - perhaps both.

    hang on in there, op. things get better (take it from someone who has been very severely depressed in the past. its still not great but its better than it was, 100%). nothing lasts forever.
    im rooting for you!! ☆
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