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What do I do?

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    I'm 21; I've been overseas in Australia for three years. During that time I was employed full time in a small business which I assisted in starting up. I had progression in that role, from an administrative role through to a sales role where I was successfully building a career. I gained a permanent visa as a result of a relationship breakdown due to family violence and then decided to come home.

    I have readied an application for law that should be sent off in the next week or so. I know I have passed the deadline and most courses will have been filled by now. I desperately wanted to study law, but due to work and the nature of the relationship I was in, I didn't make any moves towards strengthening my application. I gained three good a-levels, and have applied before for English a few years prior but decided to not attend as I simply wasn't in the right mindset.

    I'm sure it's what I want to do but I'm panicking because of course availability.

    My question is, if the worst case scenario happens and I don't get a suitable place, what do I do for the next year to strengthen my application?

    My stress levels are high at the moment, so I was hoping to work part-time for a period, volunteer at a relevant placement (such as citizens advice) and then perhaps go a do a Camp-America-style stint for a break which still has some value as opposed to backpacking again. But should I not be gaining another a-level or similar? I had an A* in English, B in Art, D in History and Welsh Bacc which is A equivalent.

    I'm really lost at what to do.

    I would definitely consider gaining some more qualifications as you are usually looking to have more As and Bs.

    CAB is a great idea and looks fantastic on your UCAS statement, also it is just great preparation for the degree as it enhances your problem solving skills and exposes you to elements of the law.

    Good Luck !
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Updated: May 7, 2016
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