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stressed and scared when my exams

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    (Original post by geek567)
    thank you soo much u have given me a lot of hope
    I'm glad I did, I'm also doing GCSE's this year so I know exactly how you feel. If you need any help you can always message me and remember don't stress because you are not going to fail!!! Don't be scared of the exams, let the exams be scared of you xD

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    (Original post by geek567)
    yep my teacher is a reallllly harsh marker once he gave us a sample answer which the examiner gave 10/13 but he said he would have given it 6/7 out of 10.
    have you done history modern world as a gcse
    Yeah - D in the mock, B in the real thing. Little to no revision for it. I would advise you to revise, but don't tie yourself in knots about it. Panicking helps nothing. Take some chill time too, don't work yourself into the ground. Once you get into sixth form, GCSEs mean next to b*gger all anyway.

    Hi, don't worry I feel the same way but instead I have A-levele exams coming up. I was in the same position for GCSE and still did really well, look at my other posts because I gave some advice to people who are in a similar situation as you. Don't lose hope! You still have plenty of time, trust me.

    (Original post by Halzy1234)
    if you're having trouble with English go to MrBruffs YouTube channel, for Maths you can go to HegartyMaths YouTube channel
    This is brilliant advice, and I definitely recommend you do.

    (Original post by geek567)
    what should you do from stopping yourself to think about exams too much?
    Do things other than studying. I'll start you off. First, the essentials - sorted in order of priority, but don't neglect any of them.
    Talk to people; ideally friends.
    Sleep. Seriously.
    Eat what you really want, but only when hungry and stop eating when full.
    Exercise and/or go outside. Whatever works for you.
    Take breaks. Away from screens. Disconnect if you have to.
    Then some extras:
    Declutter. Keep what sparks joy; chuck what doesn't.
    Listen to music you enjoy (though not while studying - but if you have to, stick to instrumental).
    Read books. Including fiction, not just textbooks.
    Have a talk with God. If that's your thing.
    Work on things that excite you. Learn because you want to learn, not because teachers are telling you to. Develop a skillset outside of what's expected of you, and find joy in creative work - be that placing blocks in Minecraft or building computers or doing DIY projects or cooking or coding or writing.
    And finally, breathe. Know that you'll do just fine, that worrying is counterproductive and that your best is more than good enough. For real.
    My study tips for good measure:
    Practise, no matter the subject. How are you supposed to get better at taking exams if you don't practise taking them? By practise I mean doing exam questions, but the very act of working through a paper under timed conditions, answering similar questions to your real exams and then scoring (not grading) each question will work wonders. Then, look over the mark scheme and see where you went wrong. Ignore grades; they mean nothing. Focus on improving your answers, and reflect on your progress often. That mini-morale boost will do you the world of good.
    I'd go as far as saying you should flat-out ignore any pressure from parents and teachers. They may have your best interest in mind, but if the pressure is pushing you over the edge, listening to them won't do you any good. Just concentrate on getting through each day, each hour... each moment, even, and reward yourself for good progress. Any questions/help, PM me. I've been in your shoes and know exactly how tough it is, but you must keep going, and don't forget to ask for help (from anyone, especially teachers) if you need it. Best of luck.

    (Original post by geek567)
    i feel so panicky and nervous as my exam are coming up in less than 2 weeks.i feel like i'm in a lot of pressure as i don't want to disappoint my teachers ,myself ,parents etc. i feel sick thinking about it.what if i do not get the grades i want (A/A*).I AM REVISING .i did a mock for history and got my results and i got a D. Everytime i think about exams i feel agitated and the worse thing is that i get tired sometimes and i have a rest and after having a rest i feel guilty as i could have been revising.
    its okay just chill, try your best and just think of them as normal tests,
    have you found the best way to revise?
    the best technique for you to remember stuff (spider diagrams writing lines over and over again)
    when there is an end of year exam at my school my friends all make revision cards and at lunch we would test each other and it helped alot.

    hope you do well!!

    You don't need all A*/A :/
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