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Digital manga / eManga?

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    Does anybody else here buy digital copies of manga, for reading on PC, tablet, ebook reader or other device?

    I took the plunge and got myself a Kindle Paperwhite a couple of years ago, when my print manga collection outgrew my bookshelves. :o: It has its advantages - saves on physical space, digital copies are generally cheaper, and the device itself is really easy to read from. An increasing number of series are getting digital-only releases as well, niche titles that are of interest to me, but that probably wouldn't sell well enough to justify physical publishing costs.

    But, there are plenty of downsides. Most annoying of all for me is the region locking - if an American publisher prints a series in English, I can order it without issue, but when it comes to digital distribution rights, a lot of series end up being US-exclusive, much like the DVD releases and streams of anime series. :grumble: Then there's the issue of different formats (MOBI, EPUB, PDF, AZW, PRC etc). Not all sites offer all formats, and not all devices can read all formats, which isn't helpful.

    There are also a few sites that 'stream' manga via their own apps, as opposed to offering downloadable files (e.g. Crunchyroll, BookWalker) - I've not tried any of those yet since they won't work on E Ink Kindles, but since I now have a tablet as well, I'll probably check them out eventually. Do let me know if you've already used either of them, and whether you'd recommend them. :yep:

    Post your experiences (good or bad) here, or if you're interested in buying manga digitally but are unsure of where to start, feel free to ask any questions.
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    For anyone who wants to expand their digital manga collection, or just try it out for next to nothing, Humble Bundle are currently offering the first volumes of five Kodansha titles, including Attack on Titan, Parasyte and Vinland Saga, for as little as a penny. Though, I can't recommend Knights of Sidonia in the $17 dollar block highly enough. :yes: And all proceeds go to whatever charities you choose~


    Promotion has now ended.
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    The Humble Bundle has now ended, but I thought I'd bump this thread to share another digital manga promotional offer I found, in case anyone's interested: A free $10 voucher if you create an account on BookWalker by 8 AM on Wednesday the 25th of May. That could get you anywhere between 1 - 3 books!

    This isn't one of those subscriptions that you have to cancel after a month to avoid being charged or anything, BookWalker accounts are free, so there's nothing to lose from giving it a try (I made my account moments before typing this). :yep: The vouchers do expire after a month if not used, however. The BookWalker app works on iOS, Android, and recent versions of Windows or OS X (though apparently not all books are available on the PC versions, so check before you buy!)

    Now to decide what to spend it on~

    Promotion has now ended. :moon:
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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