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Funding a second degree in Psychology or similar...

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    Hi all,

    I completed a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design back in 2008, prior to that I had also studied Graphic Design at GCSE and National Diploma level. However, I have since found it difficult to find work that I enjoy, and end up leaving most of my Graphic Design jobs (which are also hard to find in Wales), as I quite literally just hate the work! I also find it quite difficult for the way my mind works, it causes me heavy stress, and I just don't have the passion at all for it anymore. I don't think I ever did!

    However, since before starting my Design career I have always had a keen interest in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling. Even Psychiatry. I find the mind fascinating, I understand how it works (to an extent of course), and I really enjoy talking to others about their problems. I really feel like this is a very suitable career direction for me. I have also undergone counselling myself in the past, plus one of the only things I enjoy from Graphic Design is the psychological aspect which I have used throughout my years of experience as a designer.

    Anyway, my problem is, after researching courses, it seems that I just won't be able to afford to pay to study at all. It looks like I cannot get any loans or support if I decide to pursue a career in Psychology or similar as I already hold a degree, and also received financial support to pay for it. At the moment I am freelancing as a designer and I'm struggling to find work so income is not great. I am about to embark on working part time as a Care Assistant too, not just to pay bills but to work in the health care industry.

    Is there any support at all I can get as a 29 year old guy in Wales, who already holds an honours degree in a totally different subject, in studying a course in Psychology and achieving the career that works for me? Would anyone have any advice or help on how I can successfully lean my career into this direction and financially be able to do it?

    Thanks in advance!

    you won't get funding for a psychology degree if you already hold a degree... you should also be working in the field if you're considering changing career direction entirely as psychology can be a really long road to holding a job in counselling/etc so you should be sure you'd enjoy it

    have you considered something like art therapy? no idea if you'd qualify with graphic design (you'd still need work experience) and you'd still have to pay for the MA but you might be able to take out a career development loan or something

    (Original post by WXMech)
    Hi all
    You can do a postgraduate psychology conversion degree for 1 year, and you could get one of the new postgraduate loans for this. Psychology could lead to counselling or psychologist posts e.g. health psychologist, clinical psychologist but you would need further qualifications so I don't know how you would also fund those. Apparently it takes 7 years minimum to qualify as a clinical psychologist, you would need to do a PhD and get a trainee clin psych post which is pretty difficult.

    Psychiatry is a strand of medicine and you would need a medicine degree to qualify. You could look at postgraduate medicine but again this is costly, you can't get a postgrad loan for it, and extremely competitive.

    (Original post by infairverona)
    You can do a postgraduate psychology conversion degree for 1 year, and you could get one of the new postgraduate loans for this.
    Not in wales.

    Postgraduate loans are for people from England and EU (excluding Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland.)

    (Original post by Davidswift9)
    Not in wales.

    Postgraduate loans are for people from England and EU (excluding Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland.)
    Sorry, I missed the mention of Wales!

    In that case maybe a career development loan? That's what I have as I started my MA before the new loans

    I'm sure if you are working or this could also be a guarantee by a parent, you could get student funding from future finance www.futurefinance.com Google it. They will assess on your current situation, your future prospects and if a parent is willing to back you up (by all means, this is just incase you can't pay the loan back-and once you graduate you can pay the loan yourself).

    Also you could do a second degree via the Open University, which their fee's are around £5.5k and you can pay monthly based on your income.

    Good luck!
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