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Are there any RE examiners out there?

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    I was just wondering how the 8 mark (c-style question) for RE would be marked - in terms of Edexcel Unit 1 / Unit 8 papers.

    On the mark scheme, it says: 4 brief reasons or 2 developed reasons.
    It also says 2 developed reasons for 3 mark questions (d style) and 4 mark questions (b style).

    I understand that the c-style question includes SPaG but I was just wondering if I wrote 2 points and developed them, would I get 8 marks if the SPaG was good.

    For example, b-style question (I know this is 4/4):

    (b) Do you think the universe is designed?
    Give two reasons for your point of view.

    Yes, I think the world is designed because it is so complex and purposeful, for example the way that the carbon cycle all fits together.

    Also, William Paley's argument regarding the watch said that the watch is such a carefully designed complex device with so much mechanisms inside it yet its small structure - hence why it must've been made by someone very intelligent. The same thing could be said about the Universe which consists of millions of things and the only person that is intelligent and poweful enough to create the Universe is God.

    Now, for the c-style question 8 marks I was wondering if this would get 8/8 (if the SPaG was assumed to be perfect):

    (c) * Explain why unansweredprayers may lead some people not to believe in God.

    Unanswered prayers may lead some people to not believe in God because if prayers are not answered a person might think thereis no one listening to them – making them feel abandoned and thinking that God doesn't exist.

    Also, if the Bible's description of God as 'omnibenevolent' is true, then he would answer our prayers as he loves us and wants to give us all the support he can. For example, if a person prayed to be accepted by a company when applying for a job and they get rejected, they'll feel that God doesn't exist as if he was really 'omnibenevolent', why wouldn't he help the person get into the job and succeed?
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Updated: May 8, 2016
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