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British media is corrupt, and it's undermining our democracy

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    The media in this country is so blatantly corrupt, it's surreal. Ed Miliband ate a sandwich funny and was absolutely hounded by the press for weeks - it was front page news. When it came out that David Cameron committed sexual acts on a dead pig, the media was almost silent.

    Jeremy Corbyn is constantly being watched, and his every move is picked apart, criticised and mocked. A Labour MP defended potentially antisemitic remarks and Labour was absolutely torn apart - it was front page news in all the papers. 24+ Tory MPs fiddled their campaign spending, potentially gaining their majority ILLEGALLY, and the media has been almost silent.

    The most horrifying part is what's happened to the BBC. It used to be one of the most unbiased news corporations in the world, until Cameron and his vile henchmen threatened to shut them down for reporting undesirable stories. The Tories have turned the BBC into their personal propaganda machine.

    It blows my mind that the electorate are utterly unaware of how much they're being manipulated.

    The police are now trying to take the Tories to court for their illegal election overspending. I have absolutely no doubt that no action will be taken in the end. The Conservative government really is above the law.

    Have you been getting your news from the Canary?

    It is all done to most journalists being Tory supporters.

    Somebody needs to remember that a good paper will cater to its audience

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    Would you prefer if we sent all the journalists to the gulag and had a Soviet style left-wing press?

    The BBC and left-wing are synonyms.
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Updated: May 7, 2016
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