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Help to chose uni for marketing? CASS vs Cranfield vs Warwick vs Others

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    Hey everyone,
    I currently hold offers from seven programmes in marketing, and i have no clue how to chose only one. As an intermational student I'm looking for school, that is recognized worldwide by rattings and at the same time programme, that is more pracrical. My second point is career opportunities. Also social life and general student experience is important.
    1)Cranfield University - MSc IN STRATEGIC MARKETING
    2)CITY UNIVERSITY CASS - MSc in Marketing Strategy & Innovation
    3)Warwick Business School - MSc Marketing and satrategy
    4)University of Bath - MSc Marketing
    5)University of Strathclyde - MSc Marketing
    6)University of Birmingham - MSc Marketing
    7)University of Leeds - MA Advertising and Marketing
    I like Cranfield, the course is good,it's quiet hight in different rankings, and they inspired me during the interview, but the location is not too good.
    CASS is great? it has all possible accreditations, It's in the center of London, but programme in marketing is quiet young
    Warwick is #1 one for the reputation, but, according to reviews, the programme is too theoretical


    depending on your goal after graduation, and the content of the course your are looking for ?
    Regarding the location I dont think it's as bad as you think, you will be able to build better bon with your fellow classmates but also focus with less distraction than if you are in a city.
    The course is really good, and high ranked but also have students from different ages and experienced as well which allows you to share and learn even more knowledges from your peers. Some the university you mentioned dont have the same range of ages and are pretty much fresh graduated.

    Dont forget that if you look for a recognised marketing degree aside the ranking it also need the CIM accreditation.

    I agree with you Warwick as nice brand and reputation but the course is too theatrical.
    Leeds has a good reputation in marketing but I'm not sure among employer but it is CIM accredited
    Strathclyde is a really good school, in the center of Glasgow, not sure for the accreditation
    Cass has a really nice program and project but not really well ranked in marketing but still a good reputation.

    I will advise you to really have a deeper look on each program and make some connections with your goals
    I applied to almost the same programs as you and also management program in different school
    I will end up in the MIM at Cranfield starting in september.
    I also applied to the marketing program that I really like but change my mind for the MIM.
    The school is high ranked, well recognised among employer, has all the accreditations and real consulting projects.
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Updated: May 11, 2016
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