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GCSE Geography Controlled Assessment HELP

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    So I'm going on a field trip to Grasmere on Tuesday, for the AQA Geography A Controlled Assessment Fieldwork task on Tourism: "What are the effects of tourism on the honeypot town of Grasmere?"

    The problem is my teacher has told us virtually NOTHING about what data we will need to collect. He said something about devising some original research but I'm not sure what he means.

    Anyone been to Grasmere for Controlled Assessment or know what I need to collect?

    Any help greatly appreciated


    Are you doing it at a fieldwork centre? If so the teachers at the centre should explain what you're collecting, aims etc.

    When I did it, there were a few different set types of data everyone collected together, e.g. number of cars passing a point in 3 mins at different part of the town
    (I did mine on Changing Urban Environments). We split off into groups and then all the data collected was put together for everyone to use. We weren't told what types of data we would have to collect before we went on the trip, but we had a couple days with the teachers at the fieldwork centre explaining what we were going to do and some general stuff about the area.

    Apart from that we had to come up with something to collect data on that was the "individual element" that you were getting the data for by yourself, e.g. building materials used. The idea is that you have to show that you can come up with your own "original" ideas for what to record data on and analyse that as well as analysing the data that everyone in your class will be using. In practise it doesn't have to be a brilliantly "original" idea, just something else that makes sense to collect data on and is not already being used by lots of other people in your class/group.
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