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Is Nigeria a safe country to visit for a female ?

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    (Original post by Tempest II)
    The FCO website is a good place to start as mentioned in a previous post.
    I'd add a few bits to that:
    Try to stay in at least a pair when out & about
    Ensure you've got a mobile which will work in the area with ICE contacts & emergency services' numbers installed
    Have some kind of plan in the back of your mind should you need assistance (UK Embassy location etc)
    Keep valuables secure wherever possible
    I know from what an ex-GF was telling me about Egypt that the locals will be less likely to "chat" to you if you've got a fake (or real) wedding ring on. I've got no idea if this is the case in Nigeria but it's something worth thinking about if you don't want to be bothered.
    Does Nigeria have mosquito transmitted diseases like Malaria/Yellow Fever & other potential infections? If so then you should ensure you've had the correct jabs & have a supply of drugs to counteract any diseases.

    All of the above is fairly relevant to most places around the world & not specific to Nigeria. I'm sure you'll have a great time!
    Tempest II how silly to compare Egypt and Nigeria! Because something happens in the North of Africa (Politically part of the middle East) it's likely to happen in Nigeria?
    Your example was completely unrelated, sorry.

    I'm nigerian and visit there often.. it sounds like your friends dad is rich. The richer people in the lagos city are the one swho live on the beach. It's pretty safe and the beaches are great. I'm not from Lagos but have family there and white relatives (from inter racial marriage) who love it there.

    In terms of theft, lol, the young boys there are pretty skilled, don't be too flashy. But you're likely to have lots of Nigerian f**k boys trying to chat to you...maybe the odd gentleman... They'll leave you alone though if you say so.

    Overall I think you should go. It's a very vibrant country, corrupt maybe, but so is every country tbh...panama papers anyone?

    The locals are very funny too and the slang you pick up is quite funny

    See what your parents think. But it's a wonderful country, in sure you'd really enjoy it.

    Also Nigeria is not a third world country.

    In general, for a white westerner, not in the slightest.
    However i'd assume your friend lives in a wealthy and probably gated area but either way not a country high on my list...

    Nigeria is a beautiful country, i would strongly advise that you go. My family goes there every year, and i Know non-Nigerians that visit the country very regularly. Not all politicians are corrupt. Plus there isn't one country in this world that is not corrupt. Let's not forget the scandal about David Cameron's family avoiding tax payments. And most of these first world countries are built on corruption anyway... From building their cultures as a result of racism and slavery, to exploitation of third world countries. But anyway, you're bound to have the time of your life especially as you're going to receive top security from the host family AND you will be in Lagos... Most likely on a protected estate.
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Updated: June 9, 2016
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