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2nd RAF AST aptitude test: do they take the best scores from each test???

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    hi, i have got my second attempt at an RAF AST aptitude test coming soon. The thing is, i've passed all of the required criteria of the first AST barring the spacial awareness section (i was just 1 point off passing it) and i was just wondering: -hypothetically- i fail all the sections of the AST but pass the spacial awareness section, would they allow me to proceed in the role i've applied for as i have passed all the other sections previously? In summary, i am asking if anybody knows if they add both of your best scores for the AST together. (Sorry for the bad analogy BTW)

    Yes, this is correct. if you are one of the required on spatial then I would recommend plenty of revision for that area, if you've already achived the required for the others, then they will be continued over to your second AST result, (unless you score a higher score) Basically, it will be the best scores from AST 1 and AST 2 put together. I applied for Electrician not so long back and was 2 off on the spatial reasoning, this wasn't a specific requirement but becasue my spatial was so low it brought the overall score down to 57 (58 required ) what are you applying for?
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    Hi, thanks for the info, it really helped... i've applied to be an Aerospace Systems Operator. Did you do a second AST and achieve the required score? Just wondering as thats really unfortunate for you: being just 1 point off the overall score required. Or did you choose a different trade to join. Thanks again for the help with the second AST!

    Yes, unfortunately the 57 mark was both of my scores put together, they sent off a waiver to the headquarters to see if they would accept it but as electrician is quite a popular trade they declined it. So I have to wait six months to re take the AST. Anyway, all the best with your upcoming AST, I hope you get the career you're looking for. Good luck!
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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