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Toxic relationships?

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    (Original post by smellybelly1991)
    This isn't somewhere I ideally wanted to ask this, but I need some advice. Been with my boyfriend a couple of years (it's been rocky) but despite everything, I love him.
    But I don't think either of us are happy anymore..my personality type is that I require reassurance in relationships (which i know can get really annoying, but he knew this from the beginning)..at the start he would do anything to reassure me, however recently for around the past 8 months, he's been doing the complete opposite. This time last year he practically moved in, I saw him every day and things were good.
    I get that relationships require space, that's not the problem to me. But it's got to the point where if i ask him something to reassure myself that we're 'ok' he'll instantly get defensive, tell me to **** off, and ends the relationship..this is a daily occurrence, then comes crawling back and makes ME apologise!
    The other weekend I said something to piss him off (probably asking if we're ok!) and he ended it, blanked my calls for 2 days and went out on the lash in Cardiff..then contacted me on Sunday evening blaming me!

    I love this guy, I don't know whether i'm asking too much from him or whether I should just realise he's no longer the guy I fell in love with.
    Thanks xx
    Thank you for all your comments..he did the same as a few weeks ago yesterday evening, only this time; he said "we need a break for the night" (most guys might mean this innocently, but i've known him 2.5 years so i know what this means) I told him to get stuffed and that I wouldn't be here in the morning..he got nasty, told me he was going to sleep with every girl he met and to enjoy his single life! I think you guys have saved me from the WORST mistake of my life!!! xx
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Updated: May 8, 2016
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