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    (Original post by govtandpolitics)
    I'm interested in the army but I don't know if I'm good enough? :/
    first you only know if you can do it if you try.

    What is it your concerned about not to do, arcademic fitness, etc

    (Original post by govtandpolitics)
    So if I was to try and become physically fit before the basic training, I would have a better chance?.
    Given that you'll need to pass a fitness test to get in in the first place, yes, physical fitness before you start is important.

    Do your research, find out what's needed and get out and test yourself. Getting fit isn't all that hard, just requires will power.

    (Original post by govtandpolitics)
    Before you joined, were you already really physically fit? How did you find the army?
    I was Navy, not Army, and I was in reasonable but not great shape. My experience of PTIs was they enjoy seeing people suffer, so as long as you look like you're in pain and are passing the required tests you'll be ok. Having said that, to an extent the fitter you are the easier your time will be.

    (Original post by Supersaps)
    Pretty awful. But you learn a lot of new things.

    Awful in what sense? The brutality of the training or just pure shite?

    (Original post by hezzlington)
    Awful in what sense? The brutality of the training or just pure shite?
    Well, training is absolutely nothing like the field army. It's something you go through to get to the field army. I'm not even sure how well it prepares you for it as you do a lot of learning when you get to your regiment.

    Either way, training seems to turn out good soldiers. I would argue that's despite some of the more BS elements of training, not because of it.
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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