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25 and deciding to teach myself A Level Biology need advice..

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    Hi there!

    I recently finally decided that I want to become a Veterinary Nurse so I looked up how to become one.

    I decided to go the academic route and looked at the entry requirements into Uni, I need A Level biology B or above.

    As I work full time and at first I was looking for a night course or part time and the only courses were full time. So I tried the idea of becoming a full time student and working evenings, but as I inquired with all the local colleges they all wouldn't except me on the course for my age.

    So I started looking around online for distance learning and they are all VERY pricey and even the monthly payments seemed abit far fetched especially as I had to pay for my examinations too!

    I decided in the end to teach myself, I have many A Level text books and I'll hire a tutor if I start to struggle.

    My main worries are the exams and the practicals. How do I arrange them?

    It's a bit of a hassle but once it's sorted it's sorted. You need to speak with independent learning centres or just email a bunch of colleges. I think the exam boards themselves will be happy to help send them an email too.

    Well done for making this decision, though I must say there are access courses as well as foundation university years. A levels are 2 years but the foundation year is just a single year.

    hi there i believe the practical can but taken as written senario so they ask you on paper how to set this and that up for a practical. others iv seen give you an option where you dont have to take an option for practical but you a level would graded as non practical taken but grade B for example. they seem to set their own rules on that one. they usually tell you how to book them !

    you normally take written exam in a college that they approve
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Updated: May 8, 2016
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