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Brick University or The Open University?

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    If you want to become very involved with your uni e.g. societies, balls,volunteering, then a brick uni will be able to offer you many opportunities to do so. Also I think you may get more support at a brick uni in terms of help with applying to internships/jobs
    If you're independent, focused and feel like that you wouldn't regret missing the authentic uni life than go for OU.

    (Original post by lboydhill)
    A lot of back story... Right now I am 20 years old and will be returning to some form of education come the next academic year. My decision is whether to do an intensive, one year access course and then do an undergraduate bachelors degree at a brick uni - taking four years. Or, alternatively study full time with the OU and get a degree in 3 years, enabling me to apply for grad positions. What I'd like to know is if you think I would miss out on the social side of university and your experience of or opinions on the OU. The moving away from home thing is sort of a non issue as I will be moving out to share a house regardless of uni, but it would be nice to experience living somewhere else; although I guess I'll be doing that as I get older anyway.

    Now I'm not trying to sound arrogant, but I am clever and capable. I left college to recover from anorexia not triggered by body image issues but by something else, so I don't have A Levels. However, I did get the best set of GCSEs in my school despite being anorexic then as well and not really attending for the last year and a half haha. And I'm not talking 'bout no media studies. I might not get to Cambridge with an access course but I think I could get into a red brick University. I guess what I'm now also asking is if you think I'd be selling myself short by not attending a physical uni?

    So, in short...

    Full Time OU = House share in my home town + part time employment + can train for Triathlon (something I really enjoy). Three years to complete.

    Brick University = New place, new connections + heavy drinking (likely) + a chance to grow up more? My head was in the clouds for five very formative years, to be honest. Four years to complete.

    Which would you take a punt on?

    For reference, the course I'd study with the OU is Natural Sciences. At a brick uni probably Geography or Mental Health Nursing.

    Jeez, that was a rant. Thank you for any contributions in advance.
    Oh here is what I would do go back to collage and do a few a levels or a BTECH then go to a physical uni I mean yeah the OU is good but uni is the best experiance of your life I mean yeah you will be 21/22 when you start but that's not to old I went to uni at 20 and one of my hall mates was 21

    (Original post by lboydhill)
    For reference, the course I'd study with the OU is Natural Sciences. At a brick uni probably Geography or Mental Health Nursing.
    Here's the key thing for me, do you want to be a nurse or not? If yes go to a brick uni otherwise personally i'd pick OU (for reference I did 2.5 years at a brick uni and after a change in career choice i m finishing my degree at ou from october). It depends on how important the uni social life is to you really, a new place can be a great fresh start for people but i saw some people who certainly didnt grow up at uni at all so it doesnt do that for everyone.

    You almost certainly won't be able to do an OU degree in three years, especially if you plan on working and training at the same time. You need to decide which subject you want to study before you do anything else. The OU has almost no geography modules, and very few earth science modules. If physical geography is what interests you then the OU is a poor choice.
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