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I look absolutely horrendous

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    Now, i actually do, this isn't one of those model like looking girls who post pictures to get compliments because they know they are gorgeous (although of course some are actually self conscious but gorgeous nonetheless). No i am afraid i am absolutely abhorrant the reason i post this is because i have just viewed myself with fresh eyes so to speak and have noticed every single thing wrong. It is actually hilarious how ugly i am, gotta laugh or i'll cry innit because i am absolutely covered in purple marks :lol: for starters i have terrible terrible back acne which covers my entire torso (yes including my chest :/) and even comes as far down as my armpits. Then i have loads of stretchmarks from god knows what as yeh i'm not stick thing but i haven't had a baby or anything lol and i also have scars from myself as it were although i can't really complain about these cos self inflicted lol. Then my face is so ugly as well like the features are god awful and my hair is terrible as well because i wash it obsessively because i obsess over it which makes it dry so yeh.
    so to make this post meaningful and not just a 'get of ur chest thing' my question is how can i improve my appearance?

    You sound familiar - me when I was younger.

    As you grow older the acne will clear itself up, but for now you could go to the doctors and get prescribed lotion to help reduce or even clear the acne. The stretch marks are naturally, heck I'm skinny and hella tall and yet I have terrible stretch marks over my legs, and used to have really bad ones on my back. Try looking up bio-oil, it helped a lot with my back, the stretch marks genuinely disappeared within a month once I started using it daily! The same goes with the scars, bio-oil is good for scars, marks, anything like that, I would highly recommend it.
    As for the hair, try not to wash it so much, you've washed all the natural oils out of your hair so it will become dry. What you need to do (which will sound horrific for you if you obsess over washing it) is to let your hair get really dirty, like leave it for a week (obviously shower, and wash yourself). Then get into the routine of washing it once every three days, the oils should naturally give you healthier hair.

    I'm no beauty guru but thats what I've done to attempt to improve my appearance, but over the past few years I've learn that you shouldn't be self-conscious about your features, love yourself for who you are, and rock your body! Life is too short to worry about things such as stretch marks, someone will appear in your life, and will love every inch of you!
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Updated: May 8, 2016
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