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Keele or Stirling?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Which Uni is the better for Msc Marketing? Such as course, accommodation, social life, environment??

    Take a long, hard look at both COURSES. Which one interests you the most?

    At postgrad level you don't choose a Uni on nebulous stuff like 'social life'.
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    Many thx #returnmigrant. I just cannot decide which one should I go for

    Hi lil_bun, great to hear that you’re thinking about studying an MA in Marketing at Keele. The course is designed so you’ll be able to develop your intellectual marketing skills alongside your practitioner skills drawing on both the latest research and current marketing practice. Learn through case studies, real-life projects, and marketing literature.Some current modules on the MA include:·
    • Marketing Management
    • Marketing Research Theory and Practice
    • Contemporary Issues in Marketing
    • Consuming Behaviours
    • Accounting for Decision Making
    • Strategy and Information Management
    In last year’s Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 96% of our students were highly satisfied with their Keele experience and because our student population is quite small, there’s a great sense of community. You will be taught by world class academics and in the most recent national Research Excellence Framework (2014) 97% of the university's research was classified as world leading, or of international importance.

    Postgraduate students can also apply for a Student Consultancy Project which is offered as an alternative to completing a dissertation. You’ll be able to apply, under competitive conditions, for areal, commercially relevant, University-agreed project for a local organisation and work with them for a period of 8-10 weeks over the summer. You can read about some of the projects previous students have done here http://www.keele.ac.uk/kms/pgfulltim...ltancyproject/

    Dr Caroline Miller is the Course Director for Marketing and she’d be happy to have a general chat about the course with you. Her email is [email protected]

    This is what Alex, an MA marketing graduate said about the course "I found the course to best simulating and challenging but at the same time rewarding. The course offered a good mix of work that put the student into the role of a marketer. These practical opportunities were a great way to demonstrate how theoretical knowledge translates into actual decision-making. At the same time the academic side to the course was extremely rigorous. An in-depth study of current marketing literature allowed us to think and debate topical issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical marketing."

    Keele is a green and beautiful campus based university in the heart the UK set in 600 acres (about half way between Manchester and Birmingham) andeverything’s on your doorstep with all the most important services and facilities gathered together at the centre of campusincluding our Library, shops, a bank and pharmacy. The University providesaccommodation for full time postgraduate students who enrol in September or youcan choose to live off campus. Rents in the local area are some of the cheapestin the country. Depending on the type of accommodation a typical rent is £60-£90per week with utility bills on top. There are plenty of places to eat and drinkon campus too including the Keele Postgraduate Association Clubhouse http://kpa.org.uk/the-clubhouse/ and the main Students’ Union http://www.keele.ac.uk/foodanddrink/ If you haven’t had the opportunity to come along to any of our open days have a look at this short film http://www.keele.ac.uk/aboutus/ourcampus/ which will give you a great overview of the Keele campus.You can findmore information about postgraduate study including details about,employability, student support and campus life here http://www.keele.ac.uk/kms/prospectivepostgraduates/

    Hope this helps Gill, KMS and Paul, Marketing
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