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UK British mosques ban women from Facebook, traveling alone or wearing trousers

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    (Original post by oldercon1953)
    60% of U.S. muslims think homosexuality should be punishable by death. A comparable % feel a greater allegiance to Islam than the U.S. Gov. There's no reason to assume that some of those polled are not long term residents. A slightly different interpretation of this Scripture by this imam ot that one regarding a mans right to punish his wife becomes meaningless. They read the same koran but their imam tells them what they believe.
    Why is homosexuality relevant? Are you just using it because you think it'll strike a chord with me? Lololololol.

    (Original post by ivybridge)
    Why is homosexuality relevant? Are you just using it because you think it'll strike a chord with me? Lololololol.
    Didn't know you were gay but I did just see your rainbow thing in the corner. I chose homosexuality because it was the only example I could remember the actual percentage of Americans muslims agreeing with. In my poorly written post I was attempting to give a reply to the much repeated warning to not paint all muslims with the same brush. I had no problem with that until I saw that list of beliefs held by radical muslims and, what was to me, an astoundingly large percentage of peaceful American muslims who held the same beliefs.
    So, what exactly is the difference berween a peacefull muslims and a radicalized, violent one? According to what I learned fromthat list, maybe not a whole lot. Maybe my religion or the prophet being mocked by the wrong person? A bad day at work? Making friends with someone who has already taken his beliefs to the " actionable" stage?
    Remember, these aren't opinions held by individual muslims that can be dismissed. These are religious beliefs held in common by a VAST majority of muslims. The event that causes someone to go postal on us is irrelevent. It's an academic question. I'm uncomfortable sharing the same planet with this guy and I'm expected to fadt track him into my country. From what I can and from what I've heard muslims don't bring enough, if any, of the things I want into my culture to take that risk.
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Updated: July 2, 2016
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