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How do you get rid of sexual repression?

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    No troll answers like 'have sex' or 'PM me'.

    I was brought up Evangelical and Catholic (family mess... Lived between parents and grandparents). I was often told absolutely terrifying stories about sex and childbirth to put me off sex. I have troubles now seeing myself a sexual being and sometimes I hate even having curves because they make me feel dirty and impure. I have relapsed into bulimia because I want to be thinner but I'm so out of control with my body image I've been anorexic in the past partly as a way to get rid of the curves.


    I would highly suggest therapy.

    (Original post by SpiritSharD)
    I would highly suggest therapy.

    I agree with the above. You are discussing your afflicition with mental conditions which can have extremely dire consequences if left untreated. Your best bet would be to consult a specialist to help you get through your issues.

    Although as a short term solution have you considered wraps or other forms of body hiding clothing to cover your curves. They arnt a good long term solution and may result in discomfort but would certainly be better for you than malnutrician brought on by an eating disorder & may be able to boost your confidence in public in the short term.

    Go and speak to your GP

    >OP - there is nobody on TSR that will be able to adequately advise you on this topic. Therapy is your best treatment and you'll probably need to go a bit before you start seeing benefit but it is very important that you do seek help.

    In the mean time you need to take life slowly. I suggest that you make friends with some guys (or hang out with ones you're already friends with) and interact with them purely in a platonic manner and learn that you can trust male friends. Not every guy is all about sex. A relationship is knowing and appreciating the whole person - when it is a healthy relationship. So go slow and learn to trust your instincts and try to trust others that they don't just see you as a sexual being but instead they see you as a worthy person. When you can do that then you can remind yourself that your thought of being dirty/impure are just thoughts and have no bases. You'll have to advise yourself of that like you would advise a friend. Your thoughts are from your past.... don't let them affect your future....they are only thought and contain no power unless you give into them.

    Also, remember that sex is part of a healthy relationship too. Any guy who is potentially interested may leap five steps ahead of you relationship wise so when an interested guy comes along - and if you're potentially interested- you are going to have to be honest from the beginning about your personal concerns and then trust him to understand... if he doesn't he's not worth your time.

    Please get help for your bulimia.
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