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LDR problems.

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    I am in a LDR currently. we have been together for quite a few months now (seeing each other since september, "official" in feb) and when we are together (usually for about 4-5 days a month) it is great. I genuinely love this guy and cant see myself without him. However, when we are apart which is unfortunently 90 percent of the time, we have arguments constantly, usually down to communication (or lack of.) We are both different people in the communication aspect of the relationship. I have become quite dependent on him due to him being there for me through some very low points in my life and being my only "friend" for a while, (I live in halls at uni and my first year has been pretty tough, didnt make any course friends, my flatmates left me out often and didnt understand my mental state at the point and i was incredibly lonely). He has his own issues but he is surrounded by family, he works a job that takes up his whole life and he just isnt one for constant communication despite that being the only way to keep in touch while being long distance). Recently the lack of communication has put a massive strain on our relationship and I feel he doesnt understand why im so "clingy" (the reasons that ive mentioned before plus really struggling with the distance). I dont know what to do to stop the arguing and the awful periods of not talking because were angry at each other so does anyone have any pointers on how to stop being so dependent on him?

    Ive been in a similar situation, however mine ended in completely cutting off one and other To avoid it, I'd say discuss it more with him before it escalates too far and you argue too much. But if that doesnt work, maybe try relying in someone else? He's your boyfriend but the distance and time means he can't be there for you always, so its probably best to confide in a close friend. You mentioned you had a rough first year, did it get better? If you have a friend you trust, open up more to them and maybe split the reliance so its not all on his shoulders.
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Updated: May 8, 2016
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