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If females ruled the world...

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    It's impossible to answer since women are very different from each other obviously and you don't know what political views are being expressed, Margaret Thatcher as PM is a different kettle of fish to Natalie Bennett for instance.

    But assuming somehow men are having little to no impact in political affairs and stereotyping to a degree...

    More socialist governments, little spending on defence, more on welfare, health etc. Less outright warfare but more isolationism and "cold war" situations where you'd get posturing and tit for tat trade embargoes, less working with nations you'd consider opposed to for the greater good. Since a significant amount of technological progress has been a by-product of military arms races and with a greater focus on socialist ideals, I feel if this had been the case for some time we would be less technologically advanced however we'd likely have greener and more sustainable economies/living situations and potentially greater medical advancements, but less in the way of space exploration for instance.

    It already is very much ruled by women.

    HM The Queen Elizabeth is head of state of 16 countries plus overseas territories, and the head of the union of 53 countries.

    Chancellor Dr Merkel is head of government in Germany.

    HE Minister Daw Aung San Suu Kyi rules over Myanmar.

    HH Prime Minister Szydło is head of government of Poland.

    HH Prime Minister Kuugongelwa is head of government of Namibia.

    HH Prime Minister Solberg is head of government of Norway.

    HH Prime Minister Hasina is head of government of Bangladesh.

    HE Pres Heine is head of state of Marshall Islands.

    HE Pres Bhandari is head of state of Nepal.

    HE Pres Gurib is head of state of Mauritius.

    HE Pres Grabar-Kitarović is head of state of Croatia.

    HE Pres Preca is head of state of Malta.

    HE Pres Bachelet is head of state of Chile.

    HE Pres Geun-hye is head of state of South Korea.

    HE Professor Pres Tsai is head of state of Taiwan.

    HE Pres Rousseff is head of state of Brazil.

    HE Pres Sommaruga is head of state of Switzerland.

    HE Pres Grybauskaitė is head of state of Lithuania.

    HE Pres Sirleaf is head of state of Liberia.

    HM Queen Margrethe II is head of state of Denmark.

    Contrary to popular belief, Beyoncé was right. Girls do run the world.

    I doubt it would be any different tbh, women are equally as aggressive as men however their way expressing it in a social setting is different yet equally as damaging, the genders are not as different as one may think given a situation where one is thrown into the the state of nature.

    There will chaos,disorder,incompetence and indecisiveness.

    (Original post by verload2)
    What do you think would happen?
    Hilary has a team, it won't just be her entire judgement feeding into every important decision, she would sub contract the work to her team members most suited to the job.

    I wouldn't like it.
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