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What is the point.

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    Do you make the point, is it basically pro creating and love, which is actually self centred as you want to be with someone and want to have kids. Or is it all about you, because at the end of the day you are inside your head thinking and mindlessly processing material, and you get stimulation from your environment whatever form that may take for example on your phone, game or talking to someone releasing dopamine being amused and happy. If there was a supreme he/she/it must be similar to humans. As we think we are better than animals we can test on them, perhaps something is doing the same as us. Is it all a test that society makes up for us to be better than someone else overly western based I know but I am aware that the eastern cultures are changing for example China isn't a communist country anymore to be honest. How can there be an afterlife as soon as you die, you are no longer anything as everything is stored and processed in the brain. To procreate is to expand I guess, I don't think this is a question but what do you think of it all?

    What is YOUR point, maybe its not a point and more of a plain, as perhaps it is more of a western society for us to get SOMEWHERE in life. Perhaps it is all that we have done to others and ourselves we need to think about I don't know. But in the end we are all the same as anyone else a predisposed, mutated and enhanced microbe which we call Homo Sapiens. Possibly the best answer is adaptation, if the Big Bang Theory is correct and everything stemmed from hydrogen and Helium duplicating and evolving is a result of something else just another extraneous factor perhaps there is something bigger that we cannot see as we are so self endorsed.

    Who are you.

    There is no 'point' as such, at least for an atheist like me. The 'point' of life has always been to survive and reproduce, but there is no end goal after this. Almost every decision you make is in the interest of your or human survival; the rest is spent procrastinating and asking about 'the point' on internet forums.
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    Just interested in everyone else's opinions to be honest

    I don't believe we need a purpose.
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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