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Journey to 10A*'s at GCSE (2017)

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Hello all, I am currently in year ten - preparing for my GCSE's in 2017.
    This is my blog so that I keep track of my revision (regarding mocks and the final GCSEs)

    I am doing GCSEs in:

    EDEXCEL IGCSE mathematics
    EDEXCEL IGCSE physics
    EDEXCEL IGCSE chemistry
    EDEXCEL IGCSE biology
    EDEXCEL IGCSE history
    EDEXCEL IGCSE geography
    EDEXCEL religious education
    EDEXCEL IGCSE english language
    EDEXCEL IGCSE english literature
    EDEXCEL IGCSE spanish

    My overall aim for my GCSEs will be straight A*'s and the top grade (1-9) in re - being that the grading will have changed.

    At the moment I have absolutely no idea what I would like to study for A level. Well actually coming to think of it, I am leaning towards history.

    GCSE results (which I have already achieved)
    English language poetry analysis - A*
    English language speaking and listening - (overall A*)
    Year ten (end of year) mocks: target grades
    Mathematics - A*
    All sciences - A*
    Spanish and English - A*/A
    Humanities - A*
    I am willing to help anyone out with revision, or read over anyone's work (if they so wish me to!) I plan to post daily on this blog.
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    Hello, so my end of year ten examinations begin in approximately a week and I am VERY behind in revision. Probably going to have to do a lot of cramming sessions in this upcoming week *cries. Anyway today I managed to revise:
    -Chemistry - rate of reaction.
    -Chemistry - (half of Chemistry calculations)
    -Biology - respiration
    - RE - Unit One short course - all completed *phewww
    - Spanish grammar
    - Maths (half of sets and less complex functions)

    So yeah, I haven't been quite as productive as I hoped to be, however I have been doing coursework at the same time Going to go and have an early night now, wake up early tomorrow and hopefully finish chemistry calculations. Year ten end of year exams here I come!

    Goodluck .from this you seem to be quite hardworking so I'm sure you will achieve your goals
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Updated: August 31, 2016
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