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Globalist Obama administration tells Hungary to open borders to EU "refugees"

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    And I stand 100% with Hungary and Ron Paul.

    (Original post by plstudent)
    Last month Orban told Hungarian Radio that if he accepts the EU migrant resettlement plan, “it would be determined not in Hungary but in Brussels who we have to live together with, and how the ethnic composition of the country will look in future.” He has rejected such a notion.

    "Every sovereign nation has the right and an obligation to protect its borders," Bell told the Hungarian Parliament, "But every nation, as a part of the international community, also has a fundamental obligation to help refugee populations seeking safety."

    Translation: your sovereignty is not determined by you, but rather by us. It is a practice articulated by Orwell in 1984 whereby a person can think two completely contradictory thoughts at the same time seemingly without any mental conflict.

    But here is where the iron fist inside Bell's velvet glove glints in the sun. She pointedly condemned the Hungarian government position by praising those in Hungary who hold the opposite view, i.e. the Hungarian opposition:
    We commend the humanitarian spirit of Hungarian leaders, law enforcement and military personnel, and ordinary citizens who are responding to this crisis with generosity and compassion.
    Then she gives Hungary Washington's marching orders:
    We continue to stress that any solution to these migration challenges should focus on saving and protecting lives, ensuring the human rights of all migrants are respected, and promoting orderly and humane migration policies. That includes the support of all Member State governments for the refugee agreement forged between the EU and Turkey.
    Translation: Hungary must support the EU agreement with Turkey which would see tens of thousands of migrants settled in EU member countries, including Hungary itself. The problem is that the Hungarian parliamentexplicitly rejected Brussels' forced migrant settlement plans for Hungary and plans to hold a nationwide referendum on the subject. Bell is saying here that Hungary's elected representatives and even the Hungarian voter must be ignored and Brussels' dictate obeyed.

    This is why America first Republicans must take control of the US in the coming election. A globalist bully, cultural Marxist USA that pushes for more EU and "refugees" is a direct threat to the survival of the European peoples.
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    (Original post by 雷尼克)
    if you think the republicans are going to win the next election, you're delusional

    Donald Trump is already flip-flopping on his stance of taxing the rich. Hillary might be corrupt and untrustworthy, but at least she wouldn't be downright insane.
    I hope that they will. If you want to discuss the US presidential election, I'm sure there are other threads for that. And no, Trump is not flip flopping.

    The bottom line is that Obama is a globalist progressive and that is why he wants Britain to remain in the EU. It has nothing to do with economic benefits or international cooperation and everything to do with progressive ideology.

    Obama and his ilk are not welcome in Europe. Neither are the neocons or others who would happily swap Europe's populations with the third world's
    surplus overpopulation.

    Obama can bite the dick of Hungary if he wants. Orban will make a referendum on the refugee quotas. Few days ago the constitutional court ruled it was legit. When the people choose not to accept Muslims, what would Obama than do?
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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