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Indian law students: Would you advise studying for a BA.LLB in the UK?

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    I am an Indian student, and have just finished my ICSE. I am interested in studying law in the future, perhaps in the UK. Several of my seniors are currently studying in UK colleges for a BA LLB.I am a first generation lawyer, but my uncle works in a top legal firm and has been advising me. I have some questions, and would really appreciate any help.

    (1) I am told that while a UK undergrad is theoretically recognised by the Bar Council of India, in practice it is very, very hard and sometimes impossible for Indian passport holders to get a training contract. Which means it is likely that I may have to return to India without finishing my degree. Even if I do get a TC, employers are reluctant to hire non EU nationals, so it is unlikely I will be able to work in the UK. Is this accurate?

    (2) I am also told by my uncle that while in theory, India recognises a UK degree, in practice law firms hire only from Indian NLUs such as NLSIU, Nalsar, and GNLU. His exact words: "I want to hire someone with knowledge of Indian law". His advise: Do a BA.LLB in India and then an LLM in the UK. Is this right? Are Indian students risking being not hired either in the UK or India?

    (3) I have just got my ICSE board results and they are much lower than I expected, a best of five of only 87.4% , though 92 in History and 88 in English. I did have extenuating circs; my best friend died of cancer a couple of months before our boards but I guess unis don;t care about that. I expect to do much better by Grade 12, as I am dropping Hindi, Art and Sciences ( I do much better in the humanities). For extras, I have lots of MUN experience, both participating and organising, an internship in an NGO, and published articles in national papers. Will my low ICSE marks hurt me?

    Very grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance.
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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