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Super hard iGCSE History paper 1

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    Hi everyone,

    Just sat my iGCSE History paper 1 exam and it was ridiculously hard

    I was mainly prepped for KQ2 and KQ3 so had to role with those but the questions were insane, I totally forgot what the Lytton Commission was and I only realised reasons for Italian militarism increasing after I left the exam hall....and the ten marker for KQ3 was tricky as well.

    Did anyone else find it hard as well?

    Yes, I took the paper today. Took the same questions as you did, that first question on the Lytton Commission was absolutely horrendous.

    I have the IGCSE History book endorsed by Cambridge and I believe the Lytton Commission was mentioned only once throughout the whole chapter in one sentence. definitely not worth the four marks that they had given us. No one in my History class got the question.

    The same goes for the italian militarism question which was also utterly ridiculous. Was only able to think of their imperialistic motives and increasing their empire through Abyssinia for that one. Even then, still not four marks. Cambridge is RIdICULOUS

    yes the Lytton commission one was hard and so was the italian militarism since it's not really mentioned, however this is question a and I felt that when I looked at the mark scheme small points alone and very generalised points were to be awarded marks so I hope that through guessing a bit and trying to think what they did I could at least grab one or two marks. Also question c on the nazi- soviet pact was a bit harder compared to the rest of question cs.
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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