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Exam Failure

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    Hi all

    So basically today I had my equity exam. Im a third year law student and i think i failed it. This is not simply a case of not working or not trying hard enough. I have been studying pretty much non stop for this exam. I generally perform well (ive only had two overall module grades below 75 and both were stll firsts) and for this exam i only needed 54 to get a 2 1 (easy coursework question) but i cannot say for sure if i even got that. I really struggled with this top.

    Now my real concern is with law firms. I have a vac scheme lined up for the summer, and i do not want to lose the tc op because of grades. If it was just equity that i was scared of failing id be fine because it would just look like a blip. However, i also think i failed my property law exam, whic means it looks less like a blip (which again i studied really hard for but my weakest topics came up and its compulsory questions only exam)

    I am confident that i will get a high 2 1 and a first in my other two modules. As these arent property bassed perhaps they will see the grades and see that im not a property lawyer, and i havent applied to any propertg heavy firm, i am far more interested in contentious work and my grades reflect this. Is this a factor the firms will consider?

    Whats worse is that its left me demotivated to start studying for my final exam. I just feel too depresed. Inreally dont know what to do or what will happen
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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