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PhD programmes in politics/political communication

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    Quick question(s)

    Just finished my MSc at Glasgow Uni in Sept. 2015 with Merit in political communication. Pondering a PhD in a related field of study and few school spell right out PhD in political communication (RHUL and LSE being exceptions). I've been slogging through websites for about a week now.

    I'm keen on Leeds and Newcastle (LSE too but London, a bit pricey).

    Does anyone have feedback on these schools especially in the social sciences?
    I'm an American and I'm back in the US at the moment. So, not sure if I can secure any funding/scholarship money. I did win a £10000 award at Glasgow for my MSc but of course every school is different.

    Leeds is asking for a research proposal of 3500-4000 words
    Newcastle 1000-2500 (which seems awfully short)

    (Original post by nicolew100)
    You seem to be looking for pre-formed 'programmes' which rarely happen in other than STEM PhDs. In the Arts and Humanities you generally pick your own research question, check there is someone in the Faculty with similar interests who could supervise you, and apply. It's only in STEM subjects that you look to fit into a pre-existing team.

    I suggest you look at the Universities where the leading academics in politics/political communication are working and apply there.
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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