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Whats the fascination with Red hair and green eyes?

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    Ginger hair is probably the best hair colour to me, though not by a very big margin, I'd go for whatever.

    I'm more of a blue eyes person however the same statement of "I'd go for whatever" still applies.
    (Original post by hilrho)
    I personally find people of all races equally attractive and dated from all races so I can't understand their point of view.
    Preferences aren't something that are particularly under your control. There's no kind of point of view to be understood, you either have certain preferences or you don't. In most cases they can't be rationalised, unless somebody decides to not go for certain races due to some sort of deliberately racist motive.

    (Original post by hilrho)
    I am haha. I was a ginger when I was like really young and then as I got older my hair got darker. And the opposite happened to my eyes - I had dark eyes for the longest of time and recently they've decided they didn't like the melanin and decided to get rid of it and now I'm left with greenish/blueish eyes
    Didn't even think that was possible, aren't blue eyes caused by recessive genes? What colour eyes do your parents have?
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    (Original post by AngryRedhead)
    Didn't even think that was possible, aren't blue eyes caused by recessive genes? What colour eyes do your parents have?
    Mums icy blue, dads this weird green greyish colour so
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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