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My boyfriend always gives me the feeling I wouldn't be good enough for him..

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    Me and my boyfriend have been in a relationship for 2 and a half months now and it all started out great. We used to see each other daily and have a really fun time together. The problem is though that my boyfriend always gave me the feeling I wasn't good enough. In the beginning of our relationship I didn't notice as much but now he shows me very often. As an example : Yesterday he told me that a very good friend of mine is the prettiest girl he knows. I asked him if the thinks she is perfect and he said that if he was only going for looks , yes. That made me sad and insecure , sure the way you look should not define you but all of his ex's were very pretty girls and now he thinks I am not the prettiest for him ? I feel insecure and I also told him that. He said he was just saying the truth , not wanting to hurt my feelings. What should I do ? My boyfriend is supposed to give me the feeling I am his One&Only and perfect. But he doesn't and I am sad about it. Even if he thinks he is just being honest , it hurts.

    If you question whether you are good enough then you should probably get out of that relationship.

    he sounds like he may be doing it deliberately to manipulate you or to kind of establish himself as being better than you. Don't stand for that level of humiliation.

    Why does he have to make you feel perfect? It probably wasn't the most tactful of him to say he finds other girls prettier but realistically speaking, unless you're of supermodel quality, both of you WILL find other people attractive. You don't enter this zone of asexuality once you start dating. The point is he's not acting on it and flirting with her. He should make you feel special yes but you sound like you have low self esteem to begin with, in which case I'd work on yourself first and leave the relationship if this continues.
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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