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What's the night life like?

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    I'm going here in September so I was just wondering what the night life is like, are there many clubs? Is it fairly easy to get a part time job as I'm guessing it's not that big?

    Thank you


    Nightlife in Aber is centered around pubs and I think it has more per head of population than any other town in the U.K. It only has two 'proper' clubs; Pier Pressure and Why Not? (known to most people by its old name of Yokos). They are very different and most Aber students have a strong preference for one or the other. Pier Pressure is by far the bigger of the two and mostly plays 90's and 00's cheese. Pier charges for entry every night its open (£3 with a student card I think) and the bouncers tend to be a bit overbearing (no drinks on the dance floor and you're not allowed back in after leaving unless you buy another ticket. Yokos is smaller and fills up much faster (it's worth getting a stamp early in the night so you can bypass the queue later on). It plays recent chart stuff with some 'club classics' thrown in. Has a bit of a reputation for sleaze. Basically they're both a bit crap, just in different ways. Two pubs have got dance floors as well; Court Royale (known as Harleys) which is pretty generic and the Angel which has 'alternative' nights in its back room (Metal, D&B etc.) and also stays open longer than Pier or Yokos.

    Unfortunately, Aber is pretty terrible for part-time jobs and if you do manage to get one it'll probably have terrible pay and unsociable hours. You're often expected to stay over the holidays as well, as that's the only way of competing with locals and international students. I'd recommend getting a job over the Summer and saving instead.

    I hope this has helped. If you have any other questions then feel free to post here or drop me a message. I hope you have a great time in Aber, I'm about to graduate and it's only just hit me how much I'll miss it!
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