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Manchester police sorry for Allahu ackbar chants

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    My local Asian restaurant serves an Aloo Akbar curry. No joke.


    (Original post by booksandcats)
    lol i love how stupid people are it literally mans god is the greatest so if poeple belive in 'god' then they believe in 'allah'. 'allah' is not a name is just means god in arabic so they police were right to apologise because they offended many believers of god such as muslims, cristians, jews and hindus etc. all these religions believe that god is the greatest so yeah they shouldn't have said it.
    That something is offensive to somebody does not imply that an apology is necessary.

    I don't really see your argument here. You seem to be saying that Allah is used by Christians and other people (which, yeah, on a literal translatory level, perhaps, but in the real world: nope), and therefore that adds greater weight to the claim that they should apology.

    I think the police are just using the clear empirical evidence available to them that the most likely form of terrorist attack, at the present time, will likely involve a screech of "Allah Akbar". It's probably a useless part of their exercise and isn't really necessary, but I don't see why any of this means they ought to apologise (to Muslims, Christians, terrorists, shoppers, Chinese-people or otherwise).

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Updated: May 22, 2016
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