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A2 advice, please!

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    Hello, people of the Internet! This is something of a long post, but I feel that putting as much information as I can into this all in one go will help to get answers sooner. Also, I apologise to those whom it might annoy, but I am going to go with the unhyphenated 'A level' spelling because the arguments for that over the hyphenated version have won me over. Thank you very much in advance for reading this and for your replies! I appreciate how busy most of you will be with revision at the moment!


    I attend the Sixth Form of a comprehensive state school in Essex. I am currently in year 12 and studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science, and Latin for my AS levels. I want to study Mathematics and Computer Science at University.

    ==== MY DILEMMA ====

    I want to continue with all of these 5 subjects for my A2 levels.

    At my school, a typical student will do 4 AS levels and continue with just 3 of those for A2 levels, but a Further Maths student will do 5 AS levels and continue with 4 subjects for A2 levels. A typical student will drop the subject which is least relevant to the University course(s) for which they will apply.

    If I am to drop one of my subjects, it will be Latin, because it is not directly relevant to what I want to study at University, and my other subjects are. However, I really enjoy Latin and really would like to continue with it alongside my other subjects for my A2 levels. I find it very interesting, and the prospect of no longer studying it saddens me, and I don't know how able I would be to continue with it in my own time. So, my dilemma is whether or not to continue with it and do 5 A2s. (I also want to do an EPQ in addition to these.)


    > Although I have found it interesting, I haven't found year 12 particularly challenging, and I have been fine with all content and with managing my time (I still have plenty of free time for extra-/super-curricular work). There are no extra sessions allocated for each lesson for the year 13 timetable from the year 12 timetable, and I currently have 7 'frees' per fortnight.

    > I would be very willing to sacrifice this free time to be able to continue with Latin.

    > My GCSE grades (all A*s) and current AS progress (consistent high As (raw mark percentages in the 90s) in tests/mocks) both indicate that I am a capable academic student.

    > Although most people don't do 5 A levels, there seem to be plenty of other academic people who have very successfully done 5 (and more!). It is rare, but not at all unheard of.


    > Many people have literally called me mad when I have suggested this plan. This includes my similarly-academic friends who have older siblings who are in / have gone through year 13. This makes me doubt myself.

    > The above point is probably because most people seem to find A2 levels somewhat challenging, even if they were fine with AS levels. If this were the case, then the time from not doing Latin could be necessary for my other subjects.

    > Since my Physics and Computer Science courses are linear, I will have more to revise and more exams next year than I would if they were not linear. Adding 2 Latin exams wouldn't be making those easier.

    > Based upon what I have read on this site, if I am doing an irrelevant A level, then a University offer may well be very specific and even with higher grades than usual, in order to make me focus on the relevant subjects. Although this wouldn't be the end of the world, higher security in meeting an offer sounds very desirable, even if it's just, for example, being able to get the third grade in either Physics or Computer Science, rather than specifically one of them. (Please do correct me if I'm wrong on this.)

    ==== MY QUESTION TO YOU ====

    So, experienced people of The Student Room, what do you think about my situation? Would you strongly suggest that I don't continue with Latin, or do you think that it is not infeasible and that I should be fine to do it?

    Thank you for reading this. I really do value your judgement and advice.

    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

    You can also find the Exam Thread list for A-levels here and GCSE here. :dumbells:

    Just quoting in Puddles the Monkey so she can move the thread if needed
    (Original post by Puddles the Monkey)

    Start with 5 and drop if it starts getting stressful?

    I think the most obvious option would be to drop Latin but, if you enjoy it and are set on an EPQ then make Latin the subject in question. You know, something like, 'is studying Latin useless today?' And you can therefore research it, feed your interest etc and get an EPQ without killing yourself. It's great that you haven't found it too challenging, but remember the subjects are a step up to A2 and surely 4A*s and an EPQ is better than, say, 5As and an EPQ. (Don't underestimate how much time goes into an EPQ, it's almost another AS level!!!)

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