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GCSE History Germany Revision Notes

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    These are some notes and homework that I have done. I have tried my best to create simple and easy to understand notes, not too complex. There are currently five documents: the Schiefflen plan, a mindmap of Nazi ideas, the Weimar republic, year of unrest between 1918 and 1923 and life in the trenches.

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    Shaheedul Islam
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  1. File Type: docx The Weimar Republic.docx (17.7 KB, 73 views)
  2. File Type: docx Years of Unrest 1918.docx (17.3 KB, 40 views)
  3. File Type: docx The Schlieffen Plan.docx (14.9 KB, 34 views)
  4. File Type: pptx Mindap Nazi ideas.pptx (40.6 KB, 43 views)
  5. File Type: docx Life in the Trenches.docx (39.9 KB, 27 views)

    Thanks.... Quick question we never learnt about the Schliefflen plan, would that be towards the beginning before the November criminals and Treaty of Versailles
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    The Schlieffen Plan was the name given after World War 1 to the thinking behind the German invasion of France and Belgium on 4 August 1914.

    It was planned between 1897-1906.

    Oh okay thanks, I think it lies outside of the dates for my spec but I think I can use it as some evidence for the issues of Weimar
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