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Should SAT's be abandoned for Primary Schools?

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    The recent strike from the Year 2 SAT's and leak from the Year 6 SAT's have caused lots of controversy against these tests and have led us to question if they should remain in place?

    I think they should remove them for year 2, it annoys me that as handwriting is tested a child with a disability like mine would get a low English level despite being skilled in all other areas.

    7 is too young for SATs, informal teacher-based testing would do. So long as they're regulated, there's nothing wrong with year 6 SATs, all the kids I know just see it as a step to the "big school world" and quite enjoy all the fuss

    Nothing wrong with testing. Schools pretty much invented testing.

    But the current SATs, where pass marks are adjusted according to political requirements for the outcome, where schools can be forced to change status on the artificially-generated results, and where teachers' pay is related to their students' performance in these unvalidated tests, isn't fair on anyone. Especially the children who are caught in the middle of the changes.
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Updated: May 11, 2016
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