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How long do you think Cameron will last as Prime Minister? When will he go?

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    (Original post by Alfissti)
    If there is Brexit, he will be gone before the next Autumn Statement.

    Miraculously if the remain campaign wins which I doubt they will, then it will be how soon his party decides to throw him out which won't be too long away looking at all the power hungry monsters about.
    Miraculously?! The EU vote is pretty much gonna be 50/50, the polls keep changing every day

    (Original post by Jack1066)
    Miraculously?! The EU vote is pretty much gonna be 50/50, the polls keep changing every day
    They have for the last couple of weeks been fairly consistent in being leave, and there have been none published since Cameron declared Britain in the EU is the only thing maintaining world peace, which almost certainly shifted opinions against the EU

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    Cameron will go in 2018 i believe.

    There's a small chance that he'll lose the EU referendum and be gone this summer though. While most MP's would be content to wait i think that a sufficient amount would be willing to back a VoNC and Boris has proven himself willing to betray Cameron.

    I think May will be in the run-off but i think the second spot is more open right now although led by Boris.
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Updated: May 13, 2016
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